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of that is going to change when gay couples are allowed to do the same. the fact is that throughout the nation's history, gay couples and gay individuals have been paying their taxes, and by paying our taxes, we help support all the legal benefits and protections of marriage. according to the government accountability office, there are over 01100 legal benefits and protections that are given to married couples. we have been subsidizing those throughout the nation's history. yet we are unable to take advantage of those same incentives to marry. that cannot be constitutional. host: let me ask you this. should the court be jumping in at this point? one of the arguments being made by the lawyers for proposition 8, today's oral argument, is that there is a social movement happening. polls are showing more people in favor. let that take place. let states decide what they want to do. is there a role for the supreme court? caller: of course there is. this cannot be accomplished in a piecemeal, state-by-state basis. most of the legal benefits of marriage come from the federal government. but me give yo
for thousands of years. to try to change that -- it is time to pull out of there, get our guys on, let them be. host: that was jim in minneapolis. joining us is tom chancre, a pentagon national security correspondent for the new york times. hello. guest: how are you this morning? host: good, thank you. how surprising was this development of hamid karzai accusing the u.s. of working with the taliban? guest: it was absolutely surprising. we spoke with general dunn furred, the new commander of coalition forces -- dunford, the new commander of coalition forces. chuck hagel said it was ridiculous claim. hamid karzai as a domestic and international audience. this was surprising, but for the domestic crop. host: how significant was our push back? we are seeing this on the front page of all the papers. this is getting some play here. what are the domestic implications? guest: in afghanistan, it is unclear. in the united states, we have to reassess what kind of partner is mr. karzai going to be. these are very important 12 months ahead in which the entire security mission is transitioning to the afghan
. a national survey conducted march 13 to 17. ithe court favorably. those ratings have changed only modestly since last july, shortly after the court's willing to uphold most of the affordable care act. republican views of the court, which stumbled 18 points following the court's ruling on the health care law, have rebounded somewhat in the current survey. nearly half of republicans have a favorable opinion of the supreme court, up from 38% from last july. that is the headlines from the study on the supreme court. historically they have a chart that shows how court has ranked in it favorability. you can see here it goes up to 80% back in 1994. it was a 72% in 2007. here it is in january 2001, right after the bush-course decision. recentent is the most period 53% last thdecember. 64% back in 2009. we want to hear your views on the supreme court as it considers same-sex marriage cases. ellen is on our democrats line. what is your view? caller: i think the supreme court has failed. in my opinion the election of bush over gore, that was the final nail in the coffin of democracy. it c
, they will only cover me two days. host: so what is your take about the debate in washington about the changed cpi, for social security recipients, short or long term? caller: i am not for it. host: thanks for the call. kerrey has this point. , last call is from ohio. christie is on the phone. good morning. let me ask you, the head by from usa today, rob portman announcing he supports gay marriage, in part because he supports his family situation. his son came to him and said that he was gay. what do you think of that? caller: i have a gay son. i think they should just let them do what they want and treat them like everyone else. right now, i do not blame the unions are helping the workers at all. they are out for themselves. political parties, democrats and republicans -- and the president -- it doesn't matter who is president. big business out there just wants to corner green energy and get their ducks in a row. i think the political parties are a red herring to keep the american public with their heads turned so that big business can go ahead and do what they want to people. right now, i am une
minutes we want to get your thoughts on these changes on what you can bring on board. perhaps you agree or disagree or you think other things should be brought on board as well. here is your chance to weigh in. the tsa allowing small mice and golf clubs and the likes being allowed on air plaplanes. if you want to reach out on our social media platforms -- tsa has a website that will allow you to see what you will be able to bring on board when these rules go into affect in april. it gives you a visual of the things you can bring. you cannot bring anything with a fixed blade. the blade can not be wider than a half inch. it cannot lock. there are some other examples as well. these are the things that are now qualified as far as what you can bring on board. aside from the small knives there are some other things you can bring on. they are also allowing things like golf clubs, ski poles, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, and the like. the cause of the category of sports equipment. we have new worlds for knives, new rules for sports equipment. these changes are set to go into effect in april.
skeptical about this. because of some changes they decided not to change the age at which the medicare changes would begin hitting. republicans have been promising for years now that if you are 55 you will not have to worry about these medicare changes. now the moderates do seem to be on board on the gop conference. host: on the senate side, "the washington times closed what reporting this morning -- it is winning support from other republicans like senator mark o. rubio from florida. talk about that. guest: the senate budget is a little bit more notable in the sense that since 2009 the senate democrats passed the budget. this is going to be a significant political test for them. the senate makes the process more difficult for the democrats over there in the budget speech. they have only a -- they cannot lose a single vote or else the vote would be deadlocked 11-11. patty murray, the chairwoman, has to appease the independent from vermont who causes of the socialist and centrist like mark warner. it is very difficult and they are having trouble over there. the next thing that happens f
sinced i have seen -- 1988. i have seen it three or four times change. why do they put any president in and they keep changing it? now, they put obama in their -- there. ,ou say it is not a racial call but it looks everything base -- that he says, they knock him down area an. we old people deserve to have -- proper medical care. you have other colors. host: this is a statement by the chairman of the policy committee -- host: back to the phones, rick in massachusetts is on our line for independents. go ahead. caller: good morning, everyone. i am in the upper middle income bracket and i support the health care law. until we get to the point where hospitals refuse people with no insurance, we have to make sure that people that can pay for it , pay for it. am a bit disgusted that the largest group against it are that are on medicare. as people know, that is the program that has to be reformed. that is going to cause the country to go broke in the future. if people can look it is rationally, this is what we have to do. thank you. host: we are continuing the conversation on twitter. we hav
to cut spending. i am thinking of changing my name to cut spending. host: here is what steve wrote on twitter -- let's hear from dennis in massachusetts, independent. caller: how are you? i am reacting to the report that the senate plan suggests another quarter billion dollar cut to medicare after the $760 billion cut that the senate democrats have already made. as your reporter just said, but guess you havd, it's doubtful that will not affect medicare beneficiaries. i am a medicare beneficiary and among the democratic party voucher plan, which has been very successful. to the extent they can customs fraud and waste, they ought to be a bad back to the medicare trust fund and not use it for other things. host: let's look at some details. years the distance between party budgets as laid out by the new york times. you can see what senate democrats have on the table. $5.20 trillion in deficits over 10 years. you can see the projected deficits and how they would tackle that. and in the house republican version, $1.20 trillion in deficits over 10 years, a bigger goal of reducing the defi
finished the commission report that recommend to congress that they change that law now retirees can have their benefits cut if this goes through congress, so i think everybody needs to start making some phone calls. host: all right our last phone call. up next we will talk to congressman steve pearce about his outreach to minorities, women and young voters and then we will turn our attention to capitol hill with earl. we'll be right back. >> 34 years ago fay we began providing access to the kong and federal government. the c-span networks created by america's cable companies in 1979 and brought to you as a public service by your cable providers. >> and we can take pictures with m.r.i. or upset scans or c.t. scans and see the whole thing but there's an enormous gap about how the circuits function in the brain as to how i am able to move my hand or to lay down a memory. we don't know how that works. with technology yet to be invented, so a lot of this is going to be technology invented or nano technology. but we need to be able to record hundreds of thousands of brain cells at the same tim
they are right. in the think anything lives of average people is changing. i am sick and tired of them laughing and clapping. it is so artificial. the rich people, corporations, thereby and selling from each other to increase the value of wall street. they succeeded. as far as we are concerned, average people, we cannot afford to do anything. we cannot even buy food. the food prices are foodup. you cannot buy a pound of ground beef for $5. who can afford to feed their kids? [woman laughing] i am really mad. host: are you speaking from personal experience? caller: yes. i am one of those persons who never misses the news. i read newspapers. i watched c-span all the time. mrs. obama is suggesting people go and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. how can we afford to buy an orange for dollar? an orae has been a dollar for fi years. you cannot afford to buy apples or is ke. wall street numbers going up -- it does not mean anything. host: here's the "usa today money section -- troy in west babylon, new york, a democrat. caller: you have a pretty smile. i will give you some solutions i have heard on c-sp
and successful. the other, the federal wing, is increasingly marginalizing itself, and unless changes are made, it will be increasingly difficult for republicans to win another presidential election in the near future. host: you heard chairman reince priebus talking about that $10 million inclusion effort, one of the many recommendations that he's set to give at the national press club this morning. you can actually watch that on one of our sister networks at 8:30. here's the headline from the "usa today" on that effort. republicans to spend $10 illion on inclusion -- host: we'll be talking about that in the first 45 minutes of the "washington journal" today. we're taking calls from just republicans. up first is bob from philadelphia, pennsylvania. bob, thanks for calling in this morning. caller: good morning. how are you, sir? host: good. your thoughts on this new effort? caller: i think that they are still missing a little bit of the point here. i think the biggest problem is uninformed voters. all they hear all day long is just background noise from mainstream media. i was a staunch liberal
they get there. this whole thing has got to change. i fault the american public, at least the. are people in syria, they fighting their government for what they think is right. i don't know what it takes to get americans upset enough to get out in the street and demand something. thank you. host: comments on facebook -- host: let's go to michigan, republican. caller: good morning. i retired in 2008 from gm. .bamacare is a mess sequestration isn't going to hurt me. the government hurts me. the gentleman from florida, god bless him. east coastto the recently, massachusetts and new york. people, you don't buy american cars. why should i care about you? all i see is foreign in massachusetts and new york. you buy the non-union car. you by the korean car. we are the only free country. i laid my life down to keep my country free. and i willo stay fight. thank you. host: we are looking at the impact of sequestration, whether you are seeing an impact in your community or services that you rely on. a photograph of john boehner says he wants budget cuts or reforms to accompany company a boost in the
never tells the truth. [beep] possible position on budget cuts and tax hikes. he will change in a day or two. he is not trustworthy. he is not anyone you could negotiate with and think that you have something. host: let's hear from fred, an independent caller. he visited the hill several times this week. never seen three days in a row of the president headed to the hill. what you make of this? caller: good morning, first of all. host: good morning. caller: it is politically necessary, first of all, but politics is so disconnected from the rest of the country, like a black operation where they get together in back rooms and pass legislation where we do not even know what is written in it. it is getting difficult to have any relationship at all with just about any representative anymore. it just don't make any sense. host: if the personal touch and a visit to the hill does not work, what is the answer to the economic issues we are facing? caller: one of the at -- one of the answers is that everyone is going to have to sacrifice. even those who are on disability. i am on disability, i st
as members of congress and others work to change the immigration policies. what would you do now for people who were here illegally? my familyrsonally waited seven years until we get a visa to come to this country legally. the reason for that is this country can only hope assimilate so many people at a time. to answer your question, they should be sent back. they should wait in line like everyone else. they should come at a time of this country is ready for them and can give them work and fun no place for them to stay. like i said people work. and has been working for how long? this country has been allowing people to come here, and they should stick with what works. obviously this is causing a big problem. they should be sent back and can wait for their turn to come here legally. where are you from originally? caller: from many of. -- romania. lawmakers arelly lawmakers reject lawbreakers are lawbreakers. you are criminal and should go back. we're talking about mexican to have to have a fake i.d. to drive. i really think they have come over here to learn about god. they follow the dumbwait
would change the percentage of them that could? . mean, hard core cash go to youtube. i have got it on there. it is remarkable. people say, oh, well, we keep funneling money into the streets. you know what? we have to give it a shot. it have to clean up this country. host: on facebook, here are some of the comments -- host: getting your thoughts this morning on the 10th anniversary of the u.s. invasion into iraq. we would take a look back and go inside any video library and show you some moments from over the past 10 years of the iraq war. we will begin with february, 2003, when secretary of state powell made remarks. [video clip] caller: saddam was in support -- this support continues. poison and terror is new. is old.s of iraq the combination is lethal. with this track whether -- record, iraqi denials of terrorism taking place along the other iraqi denials of weapons of mass destruction. it is all a web of lies. when we confront a regime that harbors ambitions for domination, hides weapons of national distraction -- destruction, we are confronting the past, we are confronting t
be wary of landmark change. finally, the chicago tribune, of major gaywary marriage ruling. court isg that the possibly divided and does not what -- know what to do on the same-sex marriage case. here is the baltimore sun, their headline -- this the "new york times" morning -- host: we are getting your take on this. should the supreme sort -- court support same-sex marriage ? your phone calls in just a minute. the wall street journal, this is what they have to say this morning -- , you supportpolis the court. why? caller: equal protection under the law. other than originals -- religion, there is no reason to prohibit same-sex marriage. host: why do you say religion? caller: i'm sorry, i did not hear you. host: why do you say religion? caller: that is the only thing that prevents people to coming to what is already acknowledged as fair grade religion skews the playing field in one way that prohibits same-sex relationships equal status. host: as you're talking, we are showing you the "usa today" with a recent poll that asked what are reasons you oppose same-sex marriage? said marriage i
are investing american energy and doing everything that we can to combat the threat of climate change, that we will be creating jobs and economic opportunity in the first place. they will be a great team. these are my top priorities going forward. host: that was president obama, talking about gene mccarthy. she also worked for governor romney at the state level as well. so, lots in the papers this morning about the president's cabinet. he held his first cabinet meeting of his second term yesterday after making the announcement. "the washington post," reporting this morning on the front page that officials at the white house are outlining an ambitious agenda and the president is hoping that the cabinet he is pushing together will help to -- will help to push forward different policy initiatives. marilyn, democratic caller, hello. your thoughts? caller: i think that whoever he chooses should be ok. no worse or better than what ever else is going on. i hope they are not beholden to the coke brothers or in bed with grover norquist or anything like that. then they should do great. as far as what th
regarding fiscal matters, regarding entitlement reform, tax reform, maybe changes to sequestration, and making sure there's a real budget that gets passed in the coming months. host: finally, one other congressional issue, the house passed the continuing resolution last night. or yesterday. guest: they did, by helping martin, which now comes to the senate. it's expected they will mark that up next week. are significant concerns among senate democrats with some things better in the house version of the cr, but it is expected they will get worked out so they leave town on friday, march 22, to begin an easter recess. the current spending resolutions runs out on wednesday, march 27. but there's no reason to believe they would cut into the easter recess. i believe they will be able to work it out. what will be of concern as the senate proceeds is whether they begin making significant programmatic and overall changes to what the house passed. if it's minor and insignificant, expect it could be sent back to the house. if the democrats make wholesale changes, except ourselves up for a nail
: lisa is still with us. where did it change in strategy comes from? is it attributed to someone specifically at the white house? guest: [indiscernible] democrats and officials assumed that republicans would never be able to swallow the defense cuts that were part of the sequester deal, that they would never sllow -- allow those cuts to happen. it was a little bit of a shift in the republican caucus where they broke their traditional opposition. many particularly younger house republicans, new members, those that came in with a lot of tea party support, they said that they did not like the way sequestration has been implemented but they would like more specificity in the across- the-board cuts. that is a bit of a surprise to the white house, which expected the republican caucus would never allow this to happen. part of the change stems from a miscalculation and from the simple fact that efforts to avert this just is not --just did not work, the strategy of going to republican districts, it did not seem to deter republicans from allowing this to go into action. republicans think t
-- wants to follow you does not mean that the timeless principles of ronald reagan are changing. principals are supposed to be timeless. how we present, how we message it, who are leaders are going to become a that is always up for discussion. that is the evolution that we are showing. host: how the work the old with the new? because of a timeless tradition of sticking to principles, we no lesser government and more individual freedom and the values that made our socialist fabric -- our social fabric strong in america -- those things cannot change. onrica should evolve based its founding principles. having said that, new issues arise all of the time. to those challenges are new. that is not necessarily mean that the cast aside the principles that made our nation strong. >> as far as the challenges, what is chief among those challenges? ,uest: economic challenges foreign policy, -- thes at the forefront of sequestered discussion. it needs to be beaten south if we need to be moving forward. we need to talk about what the next 10 years will look like and how do we start this mounting stop this
to the floor this month has a chance to become law without significant changes. it does not have 60 votes. he opposes specific background check provisions that senator harry reid has included in the package, increasing the costs associated with the action under the system." you can read the story online at the nra weighed in on all this, of course, with a series of ads, including this one. [video clip] >> in a recent closed-door speech, bill clinton spoke about american dollars. "these people have been listening to this stuff so long, they believe that." "it is not surprising that their bitter and cling to guns and religion." we grant them power. we protect them. they do not make us free. as long as we have the second amendment, we always will be. ourre america and politicians are only as powerful as we the people will allow. the latest from the nra, again focusing on guns, background checks. a look at guns and video games in our country. of course, front and center, following what happened in newtown, conn. last december. the hearst newspaper focusing on all of these issues, th
will not change the problem we have. i am a former police officer. host: what you see is the problem? caller: people are you going to do what they're going to do. getting guns illegally. we can change the laws -- the only laws that will affect anybody are the ones they're trying to push for today, that will affect law-abiding citizens. criminals will still get the guns. host: let's listen to an nra ad. [video clip] >> in a recent closed-door speech to donors, politicians, and media, bill clinton spoke about american gun owners. all of these people, all they've got is their hunting and fishing or they've been listening to this up for so long, they believe it all. we've already heard from barack obama posta conference toro of san francisco elisse. it is not surprising then they get better, they cling to guns or religion. the arrogance of their superiority requires this for a bottle. they do not give us rights. protect us. we pay to protect them. we are free already. as long as we have the second amendment, we always will. we are america. our politicians are only as powerful as we allow them to
a change in government, big time. i think people need to wake up and look around and see what is going on. it is a very scary situation. we've got big time unemployment. it is only getting worse. host: as we continue our conversation regarding payne to improve -- paying to improve america's infrastructure, we want to listen to this week's republican radio address. of nebraska called for construction of the keystone xl pipeline, a project he says will help lower energy bills and create tens of thousands of american jobs. [video clip -- [video clip] >> this project would bring more north american energy to the workplace. all told, keystone will create roughly 20,000 jobs related to the construction and it will create another 118,000 jobs downstream. labor leaders in my hometown of omaha say it will create 2000 jobs here. keystone is primed to give our economy a shot in the arm and make energy more affordable. it will not cost the taxpayers a dime. despite all of that, the obama administration continues to block keystone using every bureaucratic and excuse in the book. it has now been more t
marriages, all but nine have changed to support gay marriage. just two of the 51 republican backers of the bill still in congress have had a similar turnabout and a "wall street journal" nbc news poll said 27% of republicans said they approved of it. it also goes on the say that aalaskaen republican senator said her views on gay marriage are evolving and she is reviewing her position very closically. more from the "wall street journal" fur interested. saturday's "wall street journal" edition. also from the newspaper this morning, here's "the washington post," their editorial page on guns, the senate's moment. when the senate returns senator majority leader harry reid says they will take up gun legislation and says majority ader harry reid says senator feinstein's proposal will be excluded but will get a separate vote as an amendment. that the juncture, tactics matter. also -- i know this "washington post" this morning calling on the senate to approve a restriction on high-capacity ammunition magazines when they take up gun legislation when they return after this spring recess on apr
years as the party tries to figure out how much change they need to make to win elections again. ont: james hohmann up early sunday morning with his thoughts on this story. his work is available at robert costa will be joining us later in the program to talk about cpac. will ber krystal ball joining us from new york. we are focusing on the issue of hunger in america. of front page this morning "the washington post is getting a lot of attention. government'sic is spending overall. this is an editorial la donna is joining us from west virginia. domal for waiting. caller: the wall for taking my call. -- thank you for taking my call. people that you have aits, percentage that sell their food stamps. they trade them for drugs. i feel like of the government would make everyone that receives benefits take a drug , we would have to pay for it ourselves. in someone in your house does not pass a drug test you lose your benefits. the government will take millions and millions of dollars. it would save billions of dollars. host: you are looking at some of the photographs from insid
intervene would -- theff the idea dynamic so that situation could change and there is a trade-off between going in into the unknown. that is coming from experience, having served one tour in iraq. host: are you listening to is on c-span radio? caller: i am. host: this is kathleen in chicago, democrat line. caller: first of all, can i make a quick statement. america claims they don't have enough money to feed the poor over here, to give us health care over here. they won't even sign a gun man over here to keep our innocent babies from being gunned down. but let -- yet every time another country does something -- we have a war over here in the united states. why does america have to go around the leasing the whole country when they can't do anything with their own country ? if you can't come up with so many millions of dollars to take care of the people here, how are you going to come up with millions of dollars to go into somebody else's country? we are just going to go over there, lose our boys and girls lives. when they come back, they can't even get health care. and we are going to leav
, eliminating spending connecting to the affordable care act, and the changes to how medicare is administered. we want to get your thoughts on that plan released from paul ryan yesterday. 4.6 trillion cuts in spending over the next 10 years to achieve a balanced budget, he says. here's how you can weigh in this morning -- you can also reach out to us on social media as well. on twitter. on facebook. .r send us an e-mail a representative paul ryan has an overview of what he wants to achieve with a spending plan released yesterday. he says -- this a couple pages to that if you want to go to the house budget committee paid to see the rest of it. reuters has a breakdown of what the budget entails. it says the latest version ends cronyism, -- senate democrats will meet later on this morning -- actually, 2:00 this afternoon, to start the process of working through their budget plan. that is scheduled to be live on c-span. i would refer you to our website,, for more information on the hearing, when it will be airing and what channel. our first 45 minutes, we are getting a sense from you o
see people getting food stamps every day that have been on it for generations. i voted for change. this election i did not. i am frustrated the people are so selfish that we are seeing this. i think what a sequester is is a bunch of bullying. i do not like that. i want to see accountability. the military and entitlement programs need to be cut. what is not cut is entitlement. the military already got a cut. i want to be rich one day. the thought of winning $10 million in a lot of scare's the crap out of me. you would never get half of it. but it is not a crime. in louisiana our own governor paid for obama-care. i am not for bullying and letting people get away with not working and not doing something. the sequester is confusing because it has already hit. when are we going to work on some new stuff? host: joe has this -- "in a word, joy." from "cq weekley," concerned the risks outweigh the rewards. international forces accidentally killed two young boys in an operation in southern afghanistan. the command of u.s. and allied forces in afghanistan offering his quote -- "the coalitio
. how soon can we expect to see any sort of a change in airline tickets with american or u.s. airways? guest: the fragmentation of the airline industry that followed deregulation is being addressed partly through mergers. carriers are coming together and they are taking a look at how their networks can fit together. they are taking a look at how they can rationalize their route structures, taking a look at how they can boost their services to consumers. i think you will find many people who will say that mergers have been a good thing for the industry for a number of reasons. for consumers, as far as what they are likely to see, there will not be any effect immediately. keep in mind that this is a merger that will take some time to close. the companies are expecting it to happen in the third quarter. there are a number of approvals that have to be obtained before that can happen. hopefully, that time frame will hold. we will have to wait and see on that. as far as currently, there is likely no affect on airfares as a result of this announcement. that offense will likely become evident
it starts to simmer down, and even though i voted for change, the things that president obama has to jump into the mix and get his big stick in there to stir the pot to start it boiling -- i have a problem with that. the other thing i have a problem with, where is god in our nation anymore? there was a time in this country when the people of this nation, regardless of what their religion was, when things started to look so bad, they would get on their knees, they would go to the lord god, the creator of this universe, and they would get themselves on their knees, pray to god to help them, to help this nation rise above the things that we see happening. host: how would that help politics? caller: god can do anything. anything. host: this is "the new york times" with the headline -- we received this from the white house, the president will make a personnel announcement around 10:3:00 pm eastern time. good to -- 10:30 eastern time. go to john boehner on sequestration. [video clip] will hurt know if it the economy are not. i don't think anybody knows. >> is the presiden
is the omnibus would give lawmakers some flexibility to change around the accounts. the house republicans will be republicansa cr perhaps with some special considerations for defense and veterans affairs at, whereas the senate democrats will be moving an omnibus, so they have not been able to pass appropriations bills in a long while. they see this as their opportunity to do that. host: in the papers today there was a quotation from mitch mcconnell on the senate floor yesterday -- does that kind of sentiments exist or do you think's that sentiment will exist going into today's meeting with the president? guest: foreshore. that is the republican argument. they said it's a 4% cut to the federal budget. many families have had to make that same belts-tightening move earlier this year when the payroll tax holiday expired. anyone who collects a paycheck knows they are collecting a little less because the payroll tax holiday expired. if the average american can survive the small drop or somewhat significant drop in personal revenues, the government can also survived the 2.4% belt-tightening. the
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